About the Journal

Communale Journal is a periodic and open-access journal focusing on natural resources and the environment using legal, economic, socio-cultural, political, defense and security perspectives, education, agriculture, forestry, Islamic law, and disaster perspectives. This journal is managed and published by the Center for Science and Technology (Pusat Unggulan IPTEKS)-PUI Universitas Jambi. Communale Journal is a platform to post articles or innovative research results for academics, scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners involved in the natural resource utilization field in Indonesia and Global Contexts. We are committed to conducting Scientific publications three times a year, namely in March, July, and November. The editorial team invites scholars (academics, scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners) to submit manuscripts to our journal website based on the journal policies, publication ethics, and copyright and writing guidelines that we have set. The editorial team will accept the manuscript and continue until the publication process only manuscripts that are by our policies, both in terms of writing and the substance of the manuscript. If we find any discrepancies in the manuscript in terms of writing style and substance, the editorial team will respectfully reject the manuscript before editing.