Vol. 7 No. 1: December 2023

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Indonesian Food Science and Technology Journal (IFSTJ)  with registered number ISSN 2615-367X (online) is an International peer-reviewed journal, open access, accreditated by SINTA (Indonesian government body for journal accreditation), and has been accepted for  SCOPUS. Scopus is the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

The Journal published original research papers and critical reviews with the scope of advanced research in the field of Food Science and Technology with a focus on traditional foods, particularly traditional Indonesian foods, as well as other regions with comparable or related culinary traditions to Indonesian food. All articles until this issue  (Vol 7 No 1,  December 2023) were authored/co-authored by authors from 11 countries (Japan, Thailand, Nigeria, Malaysia, Algeria, Iran, Côte d'Ivoire, Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Indonesia). 

Published: 2023-12-31