PAMPAS: Journal of Criminal Law (ISSN Print 2721-7205 ISSN Online 2721-8325) is a periodical scientific publication in the field of Criminal Law. The word Pampas comes from the Malay language which means Compensation, Pampas is a traditional Jambi sanction as a law to injure people. This journal is published by the Faculty of Law, Jambi University as a medium for discussing Criminal Law. First published in February 2020, PAMPAS: Journal of Criminal Law is published three times a year, namely in February, June and October. In each of its publications, PAMPAS: Journal of Criminal Law publishes 8-10 articles on the results of research or research on criminal law. PAMPAS: Journal of Criminal Law publishes articles on the results of research or studies of criminal law, including: (1) criminal law (2) criminal procedural law (3) criminology (4) victimology (5) special crimes (6) criminal law enforcement (7) criminal law reform (8) penal policy (9) comparative criminal law (10) criminal law and punishment (11) international criminal law (12) criminal customary law (13) criminal justice system (14) Islamic Criminal Law (15) military crime and the study of Indonesian criminal law which is global in nature in accordance with the latest developments in the dynamics of criminal law.

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-02-27

Bentuk Pidana Anak Pelaku Pelanggaran Lalu Lintas Yang Menyebabkan Kematian

Surian Rahma Prayoga, Sahuri Lasmadi, Mohamad Rapik


Pemenuhan Hak Ganti Rugi Bagi Anak Korban Kekerasan Seksual

Nadita Adri, Andi Najemi, Yulia Monita


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